How to create universal labels

At ChannelShipper we are working on widening our support for all of the various courier services our customers use. 

For any couriers that we don't currently support with a direct integration, we offer a way to generate a universal label for all orders marked as 'Despatched by other courier'. These labels are designed to assist your operations teams, so all orders can be processed together.

Universal labels are not shipping labels, but they contain lots of information to help you know which labels from your other couriers belong with your ChannelShipper orders. They are the same size as your other labels, making it easy to stick a shipping label from another courier directly on top of them, once the order is ready to be sent.

Universal labels are produced the same way as Royal Mail shipping labels, and they can be printed at the same time as your Royal Mail orders. 

How to activate universal labels on your account

To activate universal labels, go to Settings > Label format, and under section 4: Choose additional options, check the 'Generate universal labels' setting.

Every time you generate labels for one or more Despacthed by Other Courier labels, 


Example universal label: