How to integrate your WooCommerce store

This guide explains how to connect your ChannelShipper account to your WooCommerce store. This will allow you to import, manage, and generate postage labels for your WooCommerce orders.


1. Integration instructions

2. Available options

3. How to include customs data 

4. How to pass tracking information

5. System information and troubleshooting


Integration instructions

Within ChannelShipper, click the 'Settings' link.

The 'Integrations' page will open. In the 'Channels and Stores' section, click  the 'Go' button.IntegrationsBlank.png

Next, click the 'Add new integration' button.


Click the 'WooCommerce' button.


A new window will appear asking you to enter the Store URL of your WooCommerce site. 


You will need to log into your WordPress website in a new tab or window to access your WooCommerce store. From the left hand menu, hover your mouse over 'WooCommerce', and from the drop down menu, click 'Status'.


In the 'WordPress environment' section, you will find both your Home URL and Site URL.

Copy the Site URL. You will need to paste this back into ChannelShipper.


Click back into ChannelShipper, and paste the Site URL into the 'Store URL' field, then click the green 'Connect to WooCommerce' button.


The next window will display the permissions required for Click & Drop to integrate with your WooCommerce web store. To continue, click the 'Approve' button.


You will then be redirected back to ChannelShipper. A window will appear to show that your WooCommerce store has been successfully been connected to ChannelShipper, but has not yet been activated.

Click the red 'ChannelShipper' link to return to your ChannelShipper account in order to activate your WooCommerce integration.


You will be returned to your 'Channels and stores' page. Click the 'Update and Activate' button to finalise the integration. There are several additional options:

2. Available options: 


Trading name: Select the trading name you wish to associate with the integration. If you wish to use multiple trading names, you need to create a separate integration for each. Once you have selected your Trading name, the integration name field will be filled in automatically.

Integration name: This will be automatically populated when you have selected a trading name. You can edit this if you wish

Download product date from orders: Check if you'd like us to try and automatically create products in ChannelShipper when we import your WooCommerce orders

Use billing email addresses for delivery notifications: Check this box to use the billing email address as the email address that will receive Royal Mail delivery notifications (if applicable). WooCommerce orders do not contain a shipping email address, so we will not be able to send email notifications to your customers without this option selected

Import customs data from product: Check to enable ChannelShipper to import additional product customs information. For more information please see 'How to include customs data' section below.

Update shipping status: Check if you would like us to update order statuses in your WooComerce store when orders are marked as despatched in ChannelShipper

Please note that WooCommerce does not support the inclusion of Royal Mail tracking numbers in its orders. You may need a third party plug in or add-on from Woocommerce to enable this functionality.

Update order cancellation status: Check if you want us to mark your orders as cancelled in ChannelShipper if your customer cancels the order in your eBay store. 

Import Product Variant: Check if you want us to import any product variant information and display this on your orders as Order tags

Once you have clicked the 'Update and activate' button, you will see your new integration on your 'Channels and stores' page in Click & Drop, and the link icon will turn green, and your eligible WooCommerce orders will now begin importing into ChannelShipper

3. How to include customs data

If you send your orders internationally, and you wish to include customs data with your imported orders, tick the 'Import orders from product' check box.


Three additional options will appear asking you to type in the attributes you would like ChannelShipper to import with your orders. There is no standard template for this, as attributes will vary depending on your individual store set up.

Please note, you will need to enter the name of the attribute (database field) and not the value itself. For example, for Customs country of origin attribute name, you would enter something like 'CountryofOrigin' rather than 'United Kingdom'.

Customs country of origin attribute name: Type the attribute you would like ChannelShipper to use for 'Country of origin'.

Customs code attribute name: Type the attribute you would like ChannelShipper to use for 'Customs code'. Please note this should be a numeric code 6, 8, or 10 digits long. 

Customs description attribute name: Type the attribute you would like ChannelShipper to use for 'Customs description'.


More information on creating product attributes in your WooCommerce store can be found in this article:

4. How to pass tracking information

WooCommerce does not support the inclusion of Royal Mail tracking details in its orders and customer notifications emails as standard, but Click & Drop does offer the ability to pass tracking information to WooCommerce in the 'notes' field on your orders.
With this option selected, whenever you mark as order despatched in Click & Drop that has a tracked service applied, a note will be passed to your customer informing them of the shipping method, and tracking number.
To begin, you must check the 'Mark orders as despatched on channel setting', then a new option will appear:
Check the 'Send tracking information as order notes' setting, and another new option will appear:
This is the message that will be passed to your customer in the 'Notes' field of their WooCommerce order.  An example of how the message will appear is visible in the blue text box. 
We use tokens to represent information that will change. In this example, Shipping method, Tracking number, and tracking URL will change depending on the specific service and tracking number applied to your order, but the rest of the text will stay the same.
if you wish to customise this message further, click the 'Use custom text template' setting. The text box will empty, and you can type your own message.
The three available tokens you can use are:




You can use these in any variation you wish, but please ensure you have typed or copied them exactly into the text box. if you wish to start again, or modify the default message, click 'Reset to default message'. 

In our example below, we have used two of these tokens to create a custom message:

To save your changes, click the blue 'Update' button.
Please note, this feature will only send tracking numbers. Delivery confirmation numbers are used to confirm when your item has been delivered to the recipient, but they do not give the ability for your customers to track their item. As such, we cannot pass delivery confirmation number using this method.   

5. System information and troubleshooting

Can I disconnect from WooCommerce?

You're free to disconnect from WooCommerce at any time via Click & Drop.

In the 'Integrations' section under the 'Settings' link, click on 'Go'. Click anywhere within the WooCommerce row to expand the data.

To disconnect the channel, simply click the 'Delete' button. Once you have disconnected, you will no longer be able to import and process any orders from the store.

If you need to reconnect the store at a later date, simply repeat the connection process.

Store order status and import frequency

ChannelShipper is only able to import WooCommerce orders that are in 'Processing' status, and no older than 7 days old.

Eligible orders will import into your ChannelShipper account approximately every 15-30 minutes. We will attempt to update the status of orders in your WooCommerce store approximately every 30 minutes. 

Minimum Requirements

  • WooCommerce Version 3.0 or higher
  • WordPress version 4.4 or higher
  • API version 2.0 or higher
  • Custom permalink settings must be enabled in your WordPress account. You can set this by going into your 'Settings' > 'Permalinks' in your WordPress Store. Under 'Common Settings' choose any permalink option other than 'Plain'.
  • Your WooCommerce store URL must be https:// as http:// is not supported. 

For further information on WooCommerce REST API, see

Unfortunately, ChannelShipper is unable to offer any support or assistance for WooCommerce plugins or add-ons. 

Q: My store will not connect

A: Please ensure you meet the minimum system requirements described above.

When attempting to make a connection, ChannelShipper looks for your store URL. Some site security plugins can limit or modify your URL, and so these may need to be disabled temporarily in order for the initial integration to be created. 

Q: My orders will not import

A: Please ensure that you have the status set to 'Processing' and the product has a weight, in addition to this you will have to assign a shipping method against the order for us to recognise it as eligible.  

Q: My order does not have a country assigned

Sometimes domestic WooCommerce orders do not have a value for country assigned, or do not default to 'United Kingdom'. These orders will import into ChannelShipper with a country value of 'UNRECOGNISED'. You will need to click into the order row within ChannelShipper and edit the address to add the correct country value before you can apply postage to these orders.