Coming Soon to ChannelShipper

Last updated 25/07/21

This guide is to let you know what features we are currently working on, and what features are on our roadmap for future development.

Our development is shaped by our customers. We want to build software that does what you need it to do. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please email and let us know!


What are we currently working on?

  1. We are working to integrate your eCommerce listings into ChannelShipper. As part of this, you will be able to view all of your active listings, and these will be automatically linked to your ChannelShipper product catalogue. We will also be able to automatically update your Products with important information from your store, meaning much less manual work is required
  2. The existing ChannelShipper dashboard is copied from Click & Drop. We are working on a brand new dashboard that will:
    a) Offer help with account setup steps
    b) Offer help with all optional useful features 
    c) Show you what new changes and features have been released
    d) Show you which of your users are currently online
  3. We are working on a new and improved Sales Dashboard that will display more useful information on your best selling products, a comparison of your active channels, and show the change in your revenue over time
  4. We are working to integrate the Stripe payment gateway into ChannelShipper, to make managing your subscription easier, and to reduce the number of times a payment could have issues due to 3D secure software implemented by banks
  5. We are working on retrieving product personalisation/variant information from most eCommerce channels, and displaying this information alongside your orders, and on picking and packing lists so your staff know exactly which types of products they need to fetch
  6. We're working on a variety of improvements for Shipping Rules including
    a) Allowing shipping rules to work with and recognise different currencies
    b) Letting you automatically choose destination countries based on the type of service you use, and the countries that are supported. For example, international signed for services
    c) Improving the interface to make shipping rules easier to create and maintain

What do we have planned?

The following are on our longer term roadmap:

  1. Centralised inventory management - so we track and update your stock as products are sold across all of your stores
  2. A 'Revenue by channel' report so you can easily see how your different channels compare in terms of orders
  3. Creating 'Order invoice' documents that you can provide your customers
  4. We will be improving the 'Scan, Print & Pack' page to allow more actions to be performed
  5. A feature for subscriptions and repeat orders so we can automatically create or duplicate an order to certain customers at certain time intervals
  6. We are working on a mobile companion app for managers to let you view and manage key parts of the system and your operation from your phone.
  7. As you grow, it's important to control access to certain parts of your ChannelShipper account. For this reason we are looking to add more user types beyond the current admin and standard users