How to manage your ChannelShipper Subscription in Recurly

When you first join ChannelShipper by either signing up directly, or by upgrading an existing Royal Mail Click & Drop account, you will receive a one month free trial. During this time, you can use all of ChannelShipper's features. 

If you upgraded to ChannelShipper from an existing Click & Drop account, you can choose to downgrade back to Click & Drop at any time. If you do so, you will keep all existing orders, integrations, users, and other data, but you will lose access to ChannelShipper specific features. 

After the free trial, you will be prompted to enter your account and billing information in order to continue using ChannelShipper.

This guide covers how to set and manage your subscription and billing details in ChannelShipper, and provides some answers to frequently asked questions at the bottom of the page. 

Important note: To prevent any disruption, please enter your billing information before the end of your free trial if possible. Payment will only be taken when your trial ends on the 'Next payment due date'.

Viewing your current subscription and invoices

While logged into ChannelShipper, click 'My account' in the top right hand corner, and then select the 'My subscription' tile.


The 'Subscription information' tile displays the following:

Subscription status: This will display whether you are currently on a trial, on an active subscription, or if your subscription has been suspended. 

Payment method: The default method is with our our subscription management and recurring billing provider, Recurly. 

Trial expiration date: if you are currently on a free trial of ChannelShipper, the date the trial will end will be displayed here.

Billing tier: ChannelShipper's billing tiers are calculated based on the number of orders you process each month. 

To view more information about your subscription, or if you want to download or check your invoices, or if you want to cancel your subscription, you can click the 'Manage subscription' button. 

You will be directed to this page, which is hosted in Recurly, our subscription management and recurring billing provider.

Invoices can be downloaded from this page.


Viewing and managing your payment information

The payment information section displays the account and card details that will be used to receive payment. To begin, click the blue 'Manage payment information' button from the 'My subscription' page within ChannelShipper.

You will be directed to this page, which is hosted in Recurly, our subscription management and recurring billing provider. Please enter all information below. Name and address details must match those registered with the card used for payment. 

When you have finished, click the 'Update billing information button'.


Frequently asked questions

Q: When are payments taken?

A: Payments are taken monthly, on or shortly after 00:01 UK time on the 'Next payment due date'.


Q: Can I cancel my subscription?

A: Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time. You will still be able to use ChannelShipper for the time already paid for, up to the 'Next payment due date'.


Q: What does it mean if my account is suspended?

A: If we have been unable to take payment for any reason on the 'Next payment due date', you will receive a notification that you may need to try to make a payment again, or update your payment method, and a three day grace period will begin. You can continue to use ChannelShipper during this period. If after the three day grace period, we have not received payment, then your subscription will be set to 'Expired' status, and your account will temporarily be placed in a 'Suspended' state. You will not be able to process orders or generate labels in ChannelShipper until payment has been provided.


Q: How is my billing tier calculated?

A: Your billing tier is calculated from the average number of orders you have successfully processed and despatched per month. You will be notified by us if we think your billing tier should change.


Q: How does a change in my billing tier affect my payments?

A: If your billing tier has been recalculated, your next subscription cost will change to reflect this. Your current billing tier will remain the same until your 'Next payment due date'.  


Q: What should I do if I wish to discuss or change my current subscription?

A: Get in contact with our support team at, who will be able to make any required changes for you.