How to connect Royal Mail Print Assist

What is Royal Mail Print Assist?

Royal Mail Print Assist (also known as Auto Print) is a separate application that allows you to print your labels without having to download the .PDF file first. If you install Print Assist and connect your printers, your labels will print automatically every time you click to generate a label through Click & Drop. 

If you import your orders via spreadsheet, and wish for them to print automatically - please see the following guide: How to import orders with ChannelShipper Desktop.

How to install Royal Mail Print Assist

Print Assist icons are displayed at the top of every page within Click & Drop. To install Print Assist, click the 'Auto print' icon as circled in the image below.

Please note that Print Assist is only for Windows or macOS operating systems. You may require permissions to install the software on your computer or device. 

A separate pop up window will open. Check the 'Enable auto print' box.

Once you have checked the box, you will receive the links to install the required software along with your Print Assist email address and password.

Please note that the password is generated for you and cannot be changed. We advise you make a note of this password. You will only need to use it to connect to Print Assist for the first time. 

Click the link to download Print Assist for your operating system. 

If the link is not visible, you can find the locations here:

Print Assist client for Windows

Print Assist client for Mac

Please note that Print Assist is not compatible with Windows XP. If you run Windows XP, we strongly recommend upgrading your system.

The installation wizard will appear. Please read and accept the licensing agreement, and follow the on-screen instructions to download Print Assist onto your computer or device.

Important note: On the next window, please ensure that you leave the 'Install Royal Mail print Assist as a windows Service' unchecked. 


Click the 'Next' button to continue. 

Once the installation process is finished, you will be presented with the following page. Copy and paste the Print Assist email and password from ChannelShipper into the required fields, and click the 'Sign in' button when finished.

Print Assist will now show as connected to your ChannelShipper account.

How to set up your printers

You can open the Royal Mail Print Assist window at any time by clicking the 'auto print' text from the top of any page within ChannelShipper. 


Using the drop down boxes, you will need to associate each printer type to the printers you have connected to your computer or device. You can do so by selecting the correct printer from the list.

The document types in order from left to right are: label, despatch note, CN22 customs form, CN23 customs form.

  • CN22 documents are generated for international destinations for orders worth less than £270. CN22 documents can be printed in 6x4 or A4 formats.
  • CN23 documents are generated for international destinations for orders worth £270 or greater. CN23 documents must be printed in A4 format. Failure to do so may result in delays or refusals to accept your items by customs officials.  

If the printer you are looking for does not appear in the list, please ensure the printer is switched on and properly connected to the machine you are using. 

Click the 'OK' button when you have finished. Once you have selected your printer or printers, the Print Assist icons will change to green ticks to show which of your printers have been connected successfully.9.png

To disable Print Assist, click the icon again and un-check the 'Enable auto print' box again at any time.

I am having difficulty with my Print Assist connection

If your Print Assist connection is not correctly working, please try the following:

  • In order for the Print Assist icons to be showing as active, your printers must be switched on and correctly connected to your computer or device.
  • Certain antivirus software and popup blockers can affect the installation process. If you are unable to view the installation pop up windows, you may need to temporarily disable this software until the installation is complete
  • Some printers may incorrectly display that a document is still in 'printing' status in the print queue, even when then document has been printed successfully. You may need to remove the job from the queue in order to continue printing labels.