How to cancel or reset your orders

There may be occasions where you need to either delete, or reset one or more of your orders within ChannelShipper.

Note that if your recipient makes a change to an order, such as a change of address details, it is often quicker to edit the address details on the ChannelShipper order.


You can delete or reset orders in any status other than 'Manifested'.  Once your orders are manifested, they are considered complete and despatched. If you have manifested an order in error, please see this guide: Applying for a refund (OBA).

From your 'Orders' page in ChannelShipper, select the order you would like to delete or reset, and click anywhere within the order to expand the order line. Next, click the 'Other actions' dropdox box as highlighted below.

Choose 'Delete order' if you wish for your order to be completely removed from ChannelShipper.

Choose 'Reset order' if you would like to reset the order to 'New' status so you can apply postage and generate your labels again.


Please be aware labels generated on orders which are then reset are no longer valid and must be destroyed. Cancelled label information is automatically shared with Royal Mail Revenue Protection, and should a cancelled label be identified on an item in the Royal Mail Network, you will be charged on your account and an additional handling fee will be applied.