How to create an address book entry

ChannelShipper's address book allows you to store the names and addresses of your customers, so you can create orders more quickly for repeat customers.

To begin creating a new address book entry, hover your mouse over the 'Orders' link within ChannelShipper and click 'Address book' as shown.


You will be directed to a form asking you to fill in various information about your customer.

Here you can also add a 'Reference' value. This must be unique for each of your customers, and will be used to quickly retrieve the full name and address information you have entered.

If you wish to enter a different billing address, uncheck the 'Use shipping address for billing' check box.

When you have finished adding information, click the blue 'Create a new address book entry' button. 


You will be directed to your address book where the newly created address book entry will be visible.

From here, you can create another address book entry, delete address book entries, or you can use the 'Create order' button to be taken to the 'Create order' page with the name and address details automatically filled in.


When you create a new order, or import an order via spreadsheet, you can add one of your existing  address book references in order for the name and address details to be automatically added.