Requesting to delete your order details

If you wish for any of your processed order data within ChannelShipper to be deleted, please read the following information first.

To enable us to better answer your query, it would greatly help us to understand more about the background and context behind your request. It may be that the objective you have in mind already fits the processes that we have in place to fulfil our legal obligations under GDPR. If so,  we can provide guidance and support to you of how to complete that process. If not, we may require further clarification with you, and we may need to undergo subsequent investigation and discussion dependent upon the background and context you provide.

Currently, it is not standard practise to delete all of the processed order data from ChannelShipper when erasing data. We only remove the personally identifiable aspect of the data that would have been required for the completion of the service that the Royal Mail provides. Merchants are warned in our Privacy Notice that some data may still be retained by Royal Mail Group on other systems for specific legal and legitimate business purposes.

For more information, please see this web page: Royal Mail Privacy Notice.

In accordance with the law and spirit of GDPR, ChannelShipper customers are offered the following options:

  1. Erasure of customer data – this functionality can be accessed through Settings > My data > Erase customer data. This removes all personal information from the order. Some data may still be retained by Royal Mail for legitimate business purposes. Please be aware that the removal of personally identifiable data from the order will result in loss of some functionality, such as the ability to request refunds, to produce reports, and to query specific data about the services purchased through Royal Mail. 
  2. Deletion of ChannelShipper account – This functionality is accessed through Settings > My data > Delete your ChannelShipper account. Please be aware that choosing this option will result in all users registered to this account losing access to ChannelShipper immediately.

In summary, when contacting our support team, please provide us with further background and context regarding your request. We can then contact you to either request further clarification, or to inform you of the next steps that will be taken to resolve the query you have raised.

For information on how to contact our support team, please see the following page: Contact support.