How automatic full name separation works

When creating an order, ChannelShipper allows you to add a 'Full name' into a single field, rather than a separate title, first, and last name.

The full name entered can also contain a title, and the name components are automatically separated by the system. This is a best-guess process based on some simple rules.

First, if the full name starts with any of the following values, with or without a full stop, it is assumed to be the title:

  • Mr
  • Mrs
  • Miss
  • Ms
  • Mx
  • Dr
  • Sir
  • Dame
  • Master
  • Lord
  • Lady
  • Prof
  • A combination of any of the two values above, separated by ' and ' or ' & '

Titles not listed will have to be added manually into the 'title' field.

After the title has been extracted, all text after the last space is assumed to be the 'Last name.' Anything before this is assumed to be the 'First name'.

If you import a single word name without a space, ChannelShipper will assume this to be 'Full name'.

In the event that this results in just the 'Title' and 'last name' fields being populated, an example would be Dr Smith, then the 'Title' will be used as 'First name' instead, so that all the mandatory fields are present.


  • 'Mr John Smith' >   'Mr'   'John'   'Smith'
  • 'John Smith' >   ''   'John'   'Smith'
  • 'Mr & Mrs John Smith' >   'Mr & Mrs'   'John'   'Smith'
  • 'Mr Smith' >   ''   'Mr'   'Smith'
  • 'Jean Claude Smith' >   ''   'Jean Claude'   'Smith'