Using the ChannelShipper Sales Dashboard

Our new dashboard is designed to give you key data on the success of your operations.

To access, hover over the 'Home' link from any Page within ChannelShipper, and click 'Dashboard'.

Please note this page is only available to Admin users as it displays information about your revenue and sales.


The sales dashboard is comprised of four tiles. In this guide we'll go into each of them in detail. 

Sales Tile

This tile displays an overview the number of orders/sales received over a chosen time period. We use this data to try to calculate your estimated revenue. 
We can also compare your revenue and sales to previous time periods. For example, if you choose a time period of 30 days, we will also show how the current 30 days compares to the 30 days previously. 

In our example below, we can see that after receiving no sales for the first 3 days, the number of sales from our store increased.


Orders tile

This tile displays some key metrics about your order processing. 

The 'despatched' wheel gives you an idea of how many of your order are still left to despatch.

The 'Fulfilment time' wheel gives an average time between orders importing into your account, and being marked as despatched.


Channels tile

In this tile, we show a breakdown of your orders and the Channels they come from for a given date range. 

In our example below, 50% of the orders over the last 30 days have imported from our WooCommerce store. 


Products tile

In this tile we show your top selling products by units for the time period you select. We will also display an estimated revenue total for the products below them. 

The revenue is taken from the cost saved against the products in ChannelShipper, and may not take into account discounts applied, or differences in pricing across your different stores/websites. 

In our example below, our yellow T-shirt was our best selling product over the last 7 days.