ChannelShipper onboarding steps

Our new dashboard has several onboarding steps to help you make the most out of your ChannelShipper account. Many of these steps are optional, as there are many different ways to use ChannelShipper.


Get Started Steps

We will automatically detect and check any of these steps that are already complete on your account. 

You can click the 'complete' button against these options at any time. When all are complete, this window will minimise. 

Set your trading name: Your trading name is used for the return address on your labels, the headers on many of the documents we produce, and can be used as the name Royal Mail use when sending notifications to let your customers know to expect a delivery from you.

Create your first product: Many of ChannelShipper's features, such as Smart Pack and Listings, rely on products being created. 

Set up your labels and printing options: You can tell us what label and document sizes and formats you want to us in your settings > label format

Integrate your online stores: Whether selling via a marketplace, or if you pass us data from your own stores, you can connect all of your stores in your settings > integrations.


Advanced steps

The following steps are optional, but when completed can help ChannelShipper automate many of the manual tasks around order management and despatch. 

You can click the 'complete' or 'Skip' text against these options at any time. When all are complete or skipped, this window will minimise. 

Set up default international customs information: If you regularly sell the same kind of product, it can be useful to set a single set of customs information. Where we can't find any other specific customs details against your products, we will send this information in our electronic customs data to our couriers. 

For more information, please check: How to set default customs information

Set up your package formats: ChannelShipper uses your own package formats, and their accurate weight and sizes, and not those determined by the courier. When you sign up to ChannelShipper, we will automatically create package formats to match the Royal Mail package formats. You can edit these at any time.

For more information, please check: How to add custom package formats

Generate picking and packing lists: A key feature of ChannelShipper is the ability to create picking and packing lists so that your team know exactly what products they should collect for a given order or batch of orders, and exactly which products should go with each order. 
For more information, please check: How to check picking and packing lists

Set up shipping rules: Shipping rules are used to automatically apply a shipping service to orders based on criteria you set, so you don't have to manually apply postage. 

For more information, please check: How to create shipping rules

Add product sizes: In order for our ChannelShipper Smart Pack feature to try to automatically apply the most suitable of your package formats to any given order, it is useful for you to save both size and most suitable package format information against your products. 

For more info, please check: ChannelShipper Smart Pack

Add billing information: After your 30 day free trial, you will need to add billing information before you can continue using ChannelShipper. You can add this at any point. This step can't be skipped. 

For more information, please check: How to manage your ChannelShipper subscription in Stripe