What is an order tag?

An order tag is an optional additional piece of information you can add to your ChannelShipper orders. They can be displayed in a separate column on your Orders grid (and Manifested Orders grid for Online Business Account customers) and you can filter the values in the column for specific order tags.

order tags are comprised of a key and a value, which means you can add one or two pieces of information to each order. Tags have to be in one of the following formats, and have a maximum of 100 characters.

Format 1: Key:value (MyReference:1A, Picker:Stephen, day:Wednesday)

Format 2: key=value (MyReference=1A, Picker=Stephen, day+Wednesday)

Format 3: value only (1A, Stephen, Wednesday)

Please note that it is not possible to add order tags to orders which have downloaded in from online marketplaces or webstores. 

How to create an order tag when manually creating an order

When creating a manual order, the Tag field can be found below the address information. The information you type will be stored against the order.

For more information, see our guide: How to manually create an order


How to create an order tag when importing an order

Order can be imported manually, via our ChannelShipper Desktop app, or via Dropbox. To add an order tag to an imported order, you will need to include a new 'Tag' column.

Please note that if you add or remove any columns to your spreadsheets, you will need to map the columns again in order for ChannelShipper to understand the values you have added. 


An example order with basic recipient name and address date and an order tag designating the picker.

For more information on all of the fields that can be mapped, see our guide: Order import field specifications

How to view and filter your order tags

Once you have added a tag to an order, you will need to add the 'Tag' column to your Orders grid (and Manifested Orders grid for Online Business Account customers). To do so, click the small cog icon in the top right hand corner of the grid. 

A menu will expand giving all the available columns. Ensure the 'Tag' column is checked:


The tags will now be displayed in the column as displayed below:


For our example we have imported 'picker' as the key, and each staff member's name as the value.

The value will be displayed in the column. They key will be visible only when you hover your mouse over the order.


To filter for a particular value, use the grey filter icon in the column header and type in the value you would like to search for. All orders with that value will be displayed. 

Can I include a value with more than one word?

If you wish for two or more words, import the value without a key (do not include any : or = symbols). Please note that while there is a maximum character limit of 100, it is not always possible for us to display this amount of data in the column.