How to create and manage listings

Listings is a optional feature that allows you to link products sold in different online marketplaces or webstores to your products in ChannelShipper.

If you sell a product across multiple stores with different SKUs or names, you can link these so that ChannelShipper knows which exactly which product details (weight, package format, customs information etc) to add to your orders. 

You can access this page at any time by clicking 'Listings' from the top menu bar from any page within ChannelShipper.


Create listings manually

From the Listings page, click the 'Create listing' button, and you will be presented with the following options. Fields with an asterisk are mandatory. 

Name: Give your Listing a name, this is usually the name of the product.

Listing SKU: Type the SKU of the product the listing relates to. If the product has a different SKU in different eCommerce stores or marketplaces, choose the primary SKU as required by your operations. 

Product: Choose the product in ChannelShipper by typing, and/or selecting from the list. If you have not already created the product in ChannelShipper, do this first. 

Integration: Choose the integration where the product is listed from the list. if you cannot see an integration you expect to, please check your integration settings. 

Price: set the price as listed in the selected integration, minus any discounts. 

Sync existing products: Check this setting if you would like us to associate any existing orders containing products with the SKU types above with the listing you are creating. This may take a couple of minutes, and the association happens in the background. We recommend you check this option, as it guarantees a connection between the listing, your existing orders, and any products already created.


Create listings from products

To create a listing directly from a product, go to your Products page, and search for the product you'd like to use. Click into the row, and scroll down. Any existing listings linked to that product will be displayed, or you can create a new listing.


You will be taken to the create listing page with the product preselected. Fill in the options as described above. When saved, your listings will be displayed in the product details:


You will need to repeat this process for each store the particular product is sold in. 

Viewing and editing your listings

All credited listings are displayed in the listings page. To edit or delete a listing, click anywhere in the row.

To view the specific product details, click the name of the product and you will be directed to the specific product page.