How to add Royal Mail department references to your orders

Departments can be useful if you want to be able to differentiate spend or volume by department, brand, or mailing campaign. Once you start using Departments on your orders, you can then use the OBA Reporting to produce and export reports showing the departmental breakdown.

Please note: In order to use Departments in ChannelShipper, you first have to create them in OBA. Setting up departments is easy to do - see how to do this in OBA.

Whenever you set up a new department(s) in OBA, you will need to wait until these are updated in ChannelShipper. This process maty take up to 2 hours to complete.

How do I add Department to a manual order?

When processing an order a Department can be added to that order, although it is not a mandatory field so you’ll need to remember to select the correct department each time.

When applying postage to your orders, you will see the ‘Department’ field under ‘Step 4. Confirm and Submit’. Once you have completed the item weight, size and service, simply click on the drop down menu and select the Department name that you want this order to be ‘tagged’ against:


You now click ‘Apply’ or ‘Apply & generate labels’ as usual.