Adding customs information when applying postage

From January 2021, if you are posting international orders, all countries must have customs data supplied.

If you have provided the required data, ChannelShipper will send this information automatically whenever you manifest your orders. Failure to include this information may result in delays or rejections during customs clearance in the destination country. 

What countries require electronic customs?

From January 2021, if you are posting international orders, all countries must have customs data supplied. You can enable customs documentation in Click & Drop from your label format settings page. 

What information is required? 

For countries which require international customs data to be passed electronically, the required fields are:

  • Customs description
  • Customs code (HS code, harmonised system or tariff code)
  • Country of origin
  • Quantity
  • Unit price

How to add customs information

Select one or more of your orders and select 'Apply postage'. Choose your weight, package size, and service as usual. For further assistance on this part of order processing, please see the following guide: How to manually create an order.


If one or more of the orders you have selected is going to a destination where international customs documentation is required, and you have not already provided the required customs information, you will be presented with Step 4. Review / edit package contents: 


At this point, there are two options:

1. Enter your customs information manually.

2. Enter details for a product that already exists in ChannelShipper. To do so, begin typing the product name or SKU in the 'Search for a product field'. Select your product from the list, and all information will be automatically entered into the correct fields:

For more information, please see the following guide: Adding customs information to your products.


Please note that if you have changed any of the information for your existing products, for example you have updated the price, please ensure you have checked the 'Overwrite existing product data' box, which can be found at the bottom of the page. We recommend this setting as it allows you to keep your products up to date. 

When you have added all the required customs information, you can click the 'Add another item' button to add one or more items to your order. 

If you do not with to add any more items to your order, click the 'Apply', or 'Apply and generate label's buttons to continue your order processing.


How to add the same package contents to multiple orders

There may be times when you are sending the same product to multiple customers. If you want to apply the package contents to more than one order, select all of the your orders within Click and drop and Click 'Apply postage'. After selecting your weight and package type, fill your customs information into step 4 as shown below:


Click the 'Copy' button, and a menu will appear asking you to choose from the following options:

Copy package contents to all orders: This will copy the details you have entered to all orders on the page. Please note that this will overwrite any existing data.

Copy package contents to orders with incomplete customs information: This will copy the details you have entered to all orders on the page that do not have all of the required customs information filled in. Please note that this will overwrite any existing data.


Select the appropriate option, and you will be presented with another window which will show the package contents information you have entered, and which of your orders will be updated.


Click the 'Update orders' button to continue, or the 'Cancel' button to go back.

Once you are happy with your order package contents, you will be able to finish applying your postage and then generate your labels as usual.