How to manually create a product

A core part of ChannelShipper's functionality is managing your products, and ensuring your orders have the right weight, packaging, and customs information (if sending overseas). 

Once created, your product information can be quickly added to future orders, or used in conjunction with shipping rules to automatically apply the correct service and packaging size for the weight and size of your products.

There are three ways to create products in ChannelShipper:

  • Manually 
  • As part of uploading a spreadsheet file.
  • Automatically - as you despatch orders downloaded from your channels, the product data they contain will be saved into your product catalogue. 

How do I manually create products?

From any page in ChannelShipper, hover your mouse pointer over the 'Products' link, and select 'Create product' from the dropdown. 

Alternatively, you can click the 'Create product' button from your main Products page.


A popup window will appear with several sections for adding details about your product.

Note that all mandatory fields are marked with asterisks.


Images section

You can upload up to 10 images for each product. These will be displayed within ChannelShipper and printed on picking and packing lists containing this product. 

Click the plus sign to select images from your computer or device. Only .JPEG, .JPG, .PNG file types are supported.

General section

Name: Add a useful name for your product. This name will visible across documents and within ChannelShipper. This field has a limit of 100 characters

Price: Enter the product price in £

Identifier (SKU): Add the unique product identifier. This field has a limit of 100 characters

Stock location: Add the physical location of this product if applicable

Shipping information section

Weight: Enter the weight (minus packaging) of the product in g or kg

Select smallest package format for this product: Using the dropdown, select the best package format for this product. If you haven't set up any of your package formats, we would advise to do this first. For more information, please see the following guide: How to add custom package formats 

How many can you fit in this package format: Add the maximum number of this product you could fit in the package format chosen previously. 

Size: Enter a value between 0.001 and 100. This value should be in relation to the Size value you have added to your package formats. For example, if you sell T shirts with a size value of 1, and you have a package format of 'Small box' with a size value of 3, ChannelShipper will assign the 'Small box' package format to any order that contains 3 or less T shirts. 
For more information on how we calculate the most appropriate package format for your orders, please see the following guide: ChannelShipper Smart Pack

Customs information section
The following information will be automatically added to all overseas orders, and passed with electronic customs data. A full list of all supported customs information can be found here: January 2021 changes to international customs 

Customs code: Add your product HS code(s) here for international customs. For more information, see here:

Customs description: Add the short description of the product. Example, Blue cotton T shirt, Size large

Extended customs description: Customers accessing a DDP or Pre-Registration scheme who are unable to provide a tariff code greater than 6 digits should provide an extended customs description. The extended description should contain a sufficient level of detail including (but not limited to) the unit's composition and colour. For Example: Large Sized Male Polo Pique T-Shirt, Colour: Blue, Composition: 70% Cotton 30% Viscose, Machine Washable

Country of origin: Select the country where the product was made from the drop down list

Customs declaration category: Select the correct category for customs documents from the drop down menu

Requires export license: Check the box if orders containing this product must have a valid export license

Click the blue 'Create product' button when ready, and your new product will now be visible from your Product page. 


How do I edit product I have created?

To edit or delete a product, click the product line to expand the row. You can edit any of the fields, and then click the 'Update' button when ready. 

Alternatively, to delete the product, click the 'delete' button.

How do I delete multiple products?

From your 'Products' page, use the checkboxes to select the products you would like to delete. At the bottom of the page, select the Delete' option as shown.

When you are ready, click the 'Go' button to delete the selected products:ProductMultiAction.png

Please note that is it not possible for you to restore deleted entries, so please be careful when selecting entries to delete.

How to export your products

If you need to review and/or edit your product data, you can export all data from ChannelShipper into a spreadsheet format.

To export your product data in a spreadsheet format, click the 'Export' button from your Products page. A window will appear asking you to choose your desired format. Choose from the dropdown, and click 'Export file' when ready.


Your data will be exported. if you cannot find you file, please check the 'downloads' folder of your computer or device.