How to create a Royal Mail postage label

In order to generate a postage label through ChannelShipper, you must first create or import an order. An order contains data on the recipient of your mail, as well as weight, packaging size, and postage service details.

ChannelShipper supports a variety of label sizes and types. Please choose your label format before you begin. 

An order can be created manually, imported via spreadsheet, or downloaded automatically from an eCommerce marketplace or web store.

One you have an order, ChannelShipper will allow you to print the label for it.

To begin, go to the order or orders you would like to generate a label for. You can do this by clicking the 'Orders ready for printing' tile on your dashboard, or by clicking the 'Orders' link as shown below.

The orders will need to be in 'Postage applied status'. Select the ones you wish to process, and from the drop down box, choose 'Generate labels' as shown.


Your labels will generate as a .pdf file, which you can print and affix to your mail.


Example personal account label (left) and OBA account Signed For label (right).


If you are an Online Business Account holder, your next step will be to manifest your orders.

if you are a personal account holder, you will need to pay for your label before it will generate. 


Additional features

ChannelShipper has a variety of extra features to speed up your order processing.

Shipping rules: This feature automatically applies postage to an order depending on various criteria you set, such as product weight, destination country, or in-store postage method.

Royal Mail Print Assist: This downloadable client will automatically send your labels to your chosen printers. 

Scan & Print (OBA customers only): This feature allows you to create a label from a scanned despatch note.