What is IOSS

IOSS is a tax-scheme used to pay VAT on goods valued below 150EUR entering the EU from outside the EU (i.e. UK shops posting to European consumers). It shifts the burden of VAT collection to you as the vendor or the marketplace through which you sell.

It is intended to simplify the shipping process and deliver an improved customer experience to purchasers by preventing shipments from being delayed at the border for import VAT, by shifting the responsibility of VAT collection to the exporter.

This article explains how we have implemented IOSS in ChannelShipper and how you can use it. For information on the IOSS scheme, please see the resources at the bottom of this article.

Where do we use IOSS?

For valid IOSS orders, we display an 'IOSS' logo on your shipping labels and we pass the data in electronic customs. IOSS numbers do not need to be displayed on CN22/CN23 documents. 

IOSS from Marketplaces

For orders placed through:

  • eBay
  • Amazon
  • Etsy

We will automatically supply the IOSS in electronic customs for you. In some rare occurrences where goods are sold in GBP, you may be asked to confirm the order is IOSS eligible before applying your postage.

Using Your own IOSS Number

Adding a single IOSS number for all orders

If you have your own IOSS number for your eCommerce marketplaces not listed above, or if you use your own number, you can supply this in your 'Trading name' settings. 

1). Within ChannelShipper, click 'Settings'.

2). Click “Trading Names” and then select the trading name to which you would like your IOSS number to apply.

3). Using the 'Pre-registration tax schemes' field, select 'European Union'.

4). A new field will appear allowing you to enter your IOSS number

Once you have supplied your IOSS number for a trading name, all orders we receive from that trading name's integrations valued at less than 150 euros, being sent to the EU by an IOSS supporting service, will be automatically be sent under the IOSS scheme.

Adding an IOSS to single orders

If you wish to add an IOSS number to individual orders, you can add this either:

  • In the 'Customs information section' when creating an order manually
  • Map an 'IOSS' number field for orders imported via spreadsheet
  • Pass an 'IOSS' value for orders imported via API

How does it relate to other schemes:

IOSS is currently classed as a type of PRS (Pre-registration tax scheme).

Goods shipped within the EU between countries use OSS (One-Stop Shop).

Goods valued above 150EUR will have to use alternative schemes (PRS) or services (DDU / DDP)